123 Washington Printmakers Opening Salvo

My sister Karen came to visit us over the Thanksgiving holiday. Karen is from Houston, Texas and she loves visiting us at our home in Virginia and going into the district. Our first stop is always the Washington Printmakers Gallery. Karen loves the art and the neighborhood where the gallery is located. (DuPont Circle.)

She always laments that they don’t have anything like it down in Houston, Texas! Karen is a professional speaker. She travels across the country speaking to organizations and businesses on branding and the power of blogging! Every time we talk she asks me if I have read her blog. She claims that blogging has grown her business and she actually enjoys it.

On this particular trip, Karen fell in love with our featured artists, Barbara Bickley- Stephens , Karen looked around as she admired the gallery and said, “What Great art, and I forgot how lovely your gallery was you guys could use a blog!

She started me thinking. Our gallery is in the most fantastic part of the district and we sit on top of one of the best restaurants Mourayo in the neighborhood. The second floor gives us a treetop view of Connecticut Ave. DuPont Circle is a buzz with all kinds of people, culture, shops and outdoor cafes. We are where you want to be in DC- in fact, President Obama’s speech writer just bought a condo here. Now that is young, new, and blog-worthy.

So here we are with our blog, we want to take on the Connecticut Ave., DuPont Circle and Washington, D.C. as well as the world interested in Print matters and link all of us together.    Post Written by Terry Svat

Barbara Bickley's Talk at Washington Printmakers Gallery

Barbara Bickley's Talk at Washingto Printmakers Gallery


One response to “123 Washington Printmakers Opening Salvo

  1. I am so happy that you all are blogging. It was great fun talking to some of the artists during the Thanksgiving Holiday. I wish you all great success and I am sure that your blog will grow. Don’t stop!

    Karen McCullough