What’s up with printmakers?!


checking rosin melting

checking rosin melting

testing rosin texture

testing rosin texture


What’s up with Printmakers?  Stand in a room of painters and you’ll find them jockeying for position, dropping names of galleries, dealers, museum shows. 


Printmakers are a different breed – step into their ranks and you’ll instantly be sharing notes:  What kind of acid do you use?  How long do you soak your paper?  What is your registration system? And the perennial favorite:  How do you smoke your ground?  (Now that’s  a question – like discussions about acid – that takes some of us back to the Age of Aquarius.) 


Printmakers are not just sharers, they’re also doers.  At a Christmas party for Washington Printmakers Gallery a few years back we had a lively discussion about rosin boxes.  Afterwards three of us went home and built them.  And three others convened a rosin “party” to test various kinds of aquatint.  Now that’s collegiality! 


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Margaret Adams Parker



2 responses to “What’s up with printmakers?!

  1. You are so right! That’s why we’re doing exchanges, trading prints, and working on common themes… I think much has to do with enormous variety of working methods and a wonderful sense of detail and subtely. We are also used to sharing equipment and shop space.

  2. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Your gallery shows your collaborative spirit. It is great seeing how supportive you all are towards each others success.