Obtuse Writing

I am currently doing work for my show at WPG in September. The show will be my Obtuse Writing prints. It is an interesting process to develop a body of work. I find it easy to fall into a formula and pattern. I have to watch that. The hard part is to take each print by itself and let it develop into what it needs to be. I am also working on a larger piece of paper than I usually print which is a bit challenging at times. (44 x 30″) The photo shows the print and screen I am currently working on.09


My Obtuse Writing prints probe communications that are both known and hidden within myself. These writings originate from using my dominate hand to ask questions and my non-dominate hand to answer. Surprisingly, this process unearths long forgotten and sometimes unknown, unconscious ruins. By printing the answers backward, the archetypal, symbolic nature of the now-known memories visually match the power of the communications.


Andis Applewhite


One response to “Obtuse Writing

  1. Thank you for offering us this insight into your exciting process/concept. Looking forward to your show!