What Can Happen With An 8 x 8 Canvas

Generations II  8x8When the Art Therapy department of George Washington University moved off campus to a new building in Old Town Alexandria, the department chair asked all faculty, of which I am a member, and students in the program to produce a piece of art using an 8 x 8 canvas. The original idea was to make an installation using all the 8x8s as one piece.

I was somewhat perturbed because I don’t’ usually paint, as I first thought I should, on this canvas. But after much thought I started rummaging through my boxes of scraps and fragments of prints looking for pieces that might get me started. I had been doing figures and houses for some time now all dealing with archetypes, generations, and the passage of time. I ended up making a collage using many fragments of these images.

After I turned in the piece into the art therapy department, I noticed that I was feeling rather anxious about it. I realized I was sorry to give it up so I decided to make another one just to have in its place. So I went out and bought an 8 x 8 canvas. Unknowingly I had started down another road in my continuing theme. To date I have made 10 canvas collages of prints with some variety in canvas size It is exciting to branch off into something that I thought was just a one time piece.

Terry Svat


One response to “What Can Happen With An 8 x 8 Canvas

  1. Anne McLaughlin

    Terry I love this saga and your print. It is so 3-D and looks like you planned the piece and then created each piece to be added to the canvas.