On Iran

For the past several years I have been building a series of nonrepresentational prints on design themes from Iran. This project serves in some part to keep me connected to places and events that are still important to me even though years have passed since I lived and worked there. For example, this printPersepolis (Tacht-e-Jamshid) is a riff on the carving on a stone lion at Persepolis and the Tehran print below PICT0003captures some of the quirky urban characteristics of that congested city. But with all the powerful and conflicting news coming from Iran right now, I realize that I have not touched on the most moving of themes, the people themselves, and must admit that I cannot do justice to this subject in my prints. So I would like to share with you a short film that was made by a young man that I recently met that is worth watching. I hope you enjoy it–Sayeh (The Shade ) by Mohammad Gorjestani .

Carole Nelson


One response to “On Iran

  1. I believe there’s a level at which the visual arts can rarely communicate. Even Picasso’s “Guernica” fails, in my opinion, to communicate the horror of the event it memorializes: and, even though it is often praised as “protest art,” the discussions I’ve read fall back on classical imagery and design considerations. I’m glad that Picasso undertook that project, and I feel that he gave us a wonderful painting–but I don’t feel that it conveys a particle of what the people of Guernica experienced.

    I’ve deliberately postponed viewing the film until after I’d left this comment–but I’ll look forward to seeing it.

    Your prints are lovely.