What can Happen in the Dentist’s Office–Ideas about my Print exhibition at Washington Printmakers Gallery

What can happen in a dentist’s office—ideas about my April print exhibition at the Washington Printmakers Gallery

Dentists’ offices do not usually conjure up the idea of restful thinking but as often happens one can be proven wrong. As I was sitting, or I should say, lying down in that awful position where your head is lower than your body and you have nothing to look at but the ceiling, I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the different colored lights that appeared behind my eyelids caused by that strong light the dentist needs to peer into your mouth. I began seeing the small figures that appear in most of my art of this period.
(I am working on small box shaped canvasses onto which I glue prints of figures in different states. I have many at this point and I wasn’t sure just what to do with them for my upcoming exhibit at Washington Printmakers Gallery.)

Back to the dentist’s office where, with closed eyes, I was having fun rearranging theses boxes on the gallery wall. I began to stretch wire across the wall and hang the boxes over that wire. Then I thought to attach some small copper figures onto these wires. I was really enjoying this fantasy as the dentist was stretching my mouth and adding more contraptions to it then I thought possible.
I am not sure if the Novocain helped with the fantasy but I was really excited when I left the office, not yet aware of the pain that was to follow. I am following through with this idea not sure just where it will take me. Keep tuned for more developments.

Terry Svat
Generations XIV (b) 6x4


2 responses to “What can Happen in the Dentist’s Office–Ideas about my Print exhibition at Washington Printmakers Gallery

  1. michelle allee

    You delighted me with your ability to “enjoy” the dentist. I fear the experience every single time, but perhaps I just haven’t allowed myself to get lost in the chair. I applaud you!

    I acquired a 1996 original print calendar by the washington area printmakers today, and fell in love with your piece of art. (November)……it’s really awesome.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    So glad you enjoyed the piece at the dentist. Sometimes I do my best thinking in that chair. DId you ever read Gunther Grass? He inspired me to use that chair for real thinking.
    Question…how did you get the 1996 calendar?