Watch Stumptown Printers Video

A member of my family, Rebecca Gilbert, is a co-owner of the Stumptown Printers in Portland Oregon. The Press was invited last summer to participate in the Meet Your Printmaker salon-style show at the Washington Printmakers Gallery, which was a great success. Recently a video of the business in action was produced by a magazine and is available online. Take a look. The concern with print quality and the love and care that the owners have for the vintage presses in their shop can be appreciated by those of us who pull prints by hand. Here’s a link. \”Stumptown Printers\”

Carole Nelson


2 responses to “Watch Stumptown Printers Video

  1. Carole, thanks for sharing this video. I too was inspired by the love and care that the printmakers have for their vintage presses.

  2. Thanks for reintroducing me to the printing press. I do love the tactile quality and souns of their, Stumptown printing.