Marian Osher’s Opening at the Stimson Center!

Marian Osher with a few of her "Fearless Flying" Paintings.

Here are a few pics of the Artist Talk by WPG member artist Marian Osher for Fearless Flying at the Stimson Center last Wednesday. This is the second installation of the show, the first being at Ceres Gallery in New York. Fearless Flying addresses Osher’s fascination with textures and abstractions of the earth and clouds visible from while travelling by plane. This series of paintings also helped Osher overcome her post-9/11 fear of flying, and she hopes that this exhibition will help viewers dealing with the same fear.

If you missed her artist talk on Wednesday, the show is up through September 16 at the Stimson Center. Here’s the info:

Visitors admiring the show

Henry L. Stimson Center
1111 19th Street, NW, Twelfth Floor, Washington, DC 20036
(Metro Red Line, Farragut North)
Exhibition open Monday through Friday, 9 AM – 5 PM


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