Intern Perspectives: Gabriel Jules

Autumn Medley by Gabriel Jules

My taste in art changes drastically based on the mood I am in.  When I am feeling introspective I prefer artists that render abstract images- I want to be able to look at a piece and let my mind wander, I don’t want to be held back by communal notions created and attached to objects and images easily decipherable.  Other days I want something more immediate- I want to look at a beautiful, identifiable landscape or portrait- I want to just enjoy the work the Artist has already done for me.  Today is one of those days where my mind is not looking to search for meaning in nebulous images, shapes and forms but instead it prefers to let my eyes feast on a beautiful image in front of me- today is a Gabriel Jules type of day.

Gabriel Jules’ beautiful etchings tend to feature landscapes, as well as the occasional animal.  What I enjoy most about her work is her ability to create an image that is simultaneously calming and engaging.  Her use of aquatint throughout his collection creates vast texture and depth, helping the viewer decipher the composition of the print.

Of Jules’ work, my favorite piece is titled “Autumn Medley,” a black and white still-life etching.  The details are innumerable; every time I happen upon it I seem to find even more detail that I did not see the last time.

Director’s note:   The above was written by WPG summer intern Loey Bleich, art student at University of Virginia.  If you are interested in seeing more prints by Gabriel Jules, please contact the gallery.

One response to “Intern Perspectives: Gabriel Jules

  1. Jules has produced some lovely work.

    I note that she mentions on her Website the work of the master printmaker Leonard Baskin, whose work I own. She also acknowledges the influence of Kathe Kollowitz.

    I wish her much continued success.