Woodworking and Inlay

FYI  This Saturday my Dad and I will be giving demonstrations on how to do Wood Inlay with a plunge router. For the past fifteen years I have been going over to his shop and learning how to build furniture. And especially the last five years I have been able to make at least one day a week to work with him. We have a good time and little by little get things built. Dad draws and designs the furniture on his iBook. In 2008 we finished a Day Bed that we worked on for two years. Then this last April I brought home the dining table I had been building for the last two years! Like printmaking, woodworking is process driven. I guess that is one reason I like it.

Andis Applewhite


4 responses to “Woodworking and Inlay

  1. Very cool, Andis, it looks like fun! Wish I could be there–Annie

  2. Your work is beautiful.

  3. Rosemary Cooley

    Great blog, beautiful work! Thank you. Rosemary

  4. Andis, Congratulations. I envy you. My Dad was a furniture maker but did not pursue it in later life. I have some of his tools and love the idea of following in
    his footsteps. What a great idea.