WPG artists everywhere!

I was just going through several show invites and noticed how many of our artists are showing up at exhibitions in multiples.  Here’s a quick list:

Mike Hagan and Max-Karl Winkler were both in Inside Out: Self Portraits at Gallery 10 in Washington, DC

Jenny Freestone and Brad Widness both made it into the Delta National Small Prints Exhibition at Bradbury Gallery/Arkansas State University

Tony Lazorko is in Systems Failure at the Target Gallery/Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA with one of next month’s Director’s Cut artists, Andy Kozlowski.

-Finally, both Shahla Abdi and Tony Lazorko are in the Printmaking Exhibit at Infinity Art Gallery.

Way to be productive and out there, everyone.  Member artists (or fans who have also notices this trend!) -am I missing any other shows?  Please post any if I did!

-Annie Turner, Director, WPG


One response to “WPG artists everywhere!

  1. Just saw that Julie Niskanen will be doing mezzotint demos at MAPC this year, where Brad Widness will also be exhibiting, so there’s another for the list!