Development opportunities for creative people

WPG is looking for Fall interns.  If you are a college student with a fine arts concentration in the DC area who is detail oriented, dependable, and has great people skills send your resume and a cover letter to

Also, got this in my email last night, if you’re a creative person looking for a job in the DC area:

The Takoma Park Arts and Humanities Commission is seeking a Cultural Events Coordinator to assist in its efforts to provide a variety of free cultural events to the community (music, dance, film, spoken word, etc.).  The selected individual would serve as the key point of contact for programming, solicit and review proposals, and assist in marketing and coordinating selected events.  This is not a paid position; an honorarium will be awarded.   Deadline for applications is 5 p.m. on Monday, August 30.   Click here for more info.

Looking for other creative jobs?  Check out these sites:
Find Art Info Bank
DC Art Jobs

Happy hunting!


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