Heartland by Max Karl Winkler at Isadore Gallery

Overland Trail, Color Woodcut by Max-Karl Winkler

Print fans in the Lancaster, PA area:  Max-Karl Winkler has a solo exhibition of landscapes opening next week at Isadore Gallery.  Winkler is a superb woodcut artist, and this show includes everything from 3 x 2-inch monochromes to eleven-color, poster-sized works.  Winkler says of this show:

The prints, drawings, and watercolors that comprise this exhibition had their beginnings in journeys. They convey, I hope, something of the pleasures and benefits of travel, which gives us some of the same gifts that art bestows: a new sense of what is beautiful or meaningful, renewed appreciation of objects and materials, and ultimately a new perspective from which to consider our own familiar circumstances.

“These prints were made from sketches and studies made during trips to Italy, France, and several places in the United States. I have included a number of those seminal works, both drawings and watercolors, because I am myself interested in the work that precedes a “final” statement, and in the ways that the choice of medium affects the interpretation of the subject. I hope the viewers of this show will be similarly curious. That “final” work is not the definitive one, but only the most recent.

Having thought of this exhibit as a landscape show, I am surprised to see how few of the works are actually landscapes: they are, instead, subjects that have most pleased my eye. Though I loved the view toward San Miniato al Monte from the St George’s Gate, or the rugged Davis Mountains under a broad West Texas sky, I am equally moved by nearer views: the rooftops seen from my hotel window at midnight, a narrow dark alley in Philadelphia’s Chinatown, a single wave catching the light under the dark sky of a incoming storm.”

If you can’t make it to Pennsylvania for this exhibition (up September 2-29), please stop by WPG, where we have a range of Max’s landscapes, portraits, and other woodcuts of subjects, as he puts it, that are simply “pleasing to the eye.”


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