WPG in the Express’s top 5 nominations

Thank you to everyone who helped WPG win one of the top 5 nominations in the Express’s Best of 2010 Poll.  We are one of 5 galleries competing for this year’s “Best Of” in the Small Galleries category.  Now that we have been nominated, voting starts on September 7th, with the just top 5 nominees being eligible.

For WPG followers outside of the area, the Express is a free publication put out by the Washington Post that is distributed across the entire DC metro area, mainly through the DC Metro system.  Via the online survey, anyone can vote for their favorite DC area galleries, restaurants, personalities, and more.  Right now the link is just a note saying to come back on the 7th, but we at WPG hope you will do just that and help WPG become the number 1 small gallery this year!  Thank you again to everyone who nominated us, now let’s see if we can win this thing!


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