Carole Nelson on her recent work

The following is an excerpt from the recently released WPG Quarterly Newsletter, where Carole discusses her recent prints.  You can read more about the December exhibition “Two Artists, Many Journeys” featuring Carole Nelson by clicking on the link above.

My goals this year were threefold. The first was to develop a more painterly feeling to the application of color. Second, I wanted to concentrate on a sense of light, either coming through the color or by the use of the paper itself rather than pigment. And last, I wanted to follow the images that presented themselves to me, never certain where they would lead, but determined that each series of images would be distinctive. 

The small print, “Pear”, (proof shown at left) in the series Legendary Fruits, illustrates the results of the work. As you can see in the photo of the main block (below), several colors were inked on the same block and were manipulated so they were allowed to bleed and blend. Pigment was also removed in certain areas by wiping the block and, in some areas, overprinted so that color was deeper.

There were two additional blocks that contributed to the finished image. Block #2 was used for transparent color overlays and Block #3 provided the green border that distinguishes this series of three: “Peach”, “Pear” and “Plum”.

Key plate for "Pear"

Plate #2

Plate #3


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