Artist Q&A: Tony Lazorko


"Going Home" Woodcut by Tony Lazorko

Another Q&A with one of our featured members in New Faces, New Prints.  Read more about New Mexico woodcut artist Tony Lazorko, then stop by the gallery to see more of his prints!

WPG: You manage to elevate much of your every-day and some would say even droll subject matter, such as parking lots or roadside signs.  What initially drew you to this sort of imagery?

LAZORKO: I think one ought to consider what one knows well, I also want to be part of the visual community that defines America today. I enjoy the challenge of “seeing” it with wood prints for the moment.

WPG: In your artist statement you say that as a culture and nation, America is still very new compared to many in the world, and that we as a nation are still defining our visual language.  If you had to pin it down in a sentence or two, what do you think that language is?  Where do you see it going?

LAZORKO:  I think we’re still in the process of defining just what is the American ethos. It’s dynamic and full of surprises.

WPG: Every time we check in with you, you seem to have another show or project happening!  To be successful, all artists, especially ones as busy as you, need to dedicate time to be in their studio.  How do you manage to make this time happen?  Are there any shows or projects that you are working on specifically right now?

LAZORKO:  I keep busy and productive because I’m retired and longer have to manage a 12 person staff in a newsroom. I also have a dedicated studio space where I can come and go as I please. I’m showing at the El Paso airport and I’m reading some work for the Binational Biennial at the El Paso Art museum. Have some print ideas in mind and waiting for the visual and technical to gel.


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