UPDATE: WPG at the PA Book Arts Fair

"Journey" artist book by Rosemary Cooley

Wow!  Only a few short weeks until the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair, Friday-Sunday, November 5-7.  This year it will be held at the brand new (and beautiful!) Silver Spring Civic Center, at 850 Ellsworth Ave, Silver Spring, MD.

Letter-pressed title page from "In the Beginning," artist book by Margaret Adams Parker

As noted in an earlier post, WPG will have a booth at this fair.  We will be showing some gorgeous books by our artist members, a sampling is to the left.  In addition to these books, WPG will also have a portfolio of prints entitled printeDCircuits for sale.  This portfolio, organized and assembled by WPG member artist Fleming Jeffries, is an artistic documentation of DC metro area neighborhoods, created by several of WPG’s member artists.  We are also thrilled to report that John Kelly of the Washington Post (author of the column John Kelly’s Washington and long-time editor of the Weekend section) has written a wonderful text to accompany the portfolio.

"The Other EPA" artist book by Fleming Jeffries

All the initial proofs were turned in towards the end of September and the gallery will have digital images of them (courtesy of our print-scanning guru and contributing artist member Mike Hagan) very soon–be sure to check back for some sample images from this portfolio before the Print Fair, and definitely stop by and see it in person!


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  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Annie. We can’t wait to see your booth at the Book Arts Fair!