Sneak Peek at printeDCircuits portfolio

View of Georgetown/Canal Locks by Mike Hagan

As mentioned earlier, WPG artists have put together a FABULOUS print portfolio that will be for sale at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair (check out their blog at this link for exhibitor profiles) the weekend of November 5-7.  All prints are on 9×7 in paper, and are artist depictions and reactions to neighborhoods in the DC metro area.  This is a very limited edition, so check out some of the prints included (sampling below) and make sure to come to the book arts fair early to see the rest of the prints and secure your portfolio!

Print of the National Mall by Deron DeCesare

A scene from 15th and L St NW by Lee Newman--also our November solo artist!

A print of Key Bridge by Margaret Adams Parker, also one the artists in the December exhibition, "Two Artists, Many Journeys"


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