Happy Thanksgiving!

"Family Dinner" by Max-Karl Winkler, a woodcut illustration for a Cookie Recipe book published in 1977.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Three things we’re thankful for:

1. Our new home at Pyramid Atlantic Art Center–what a wonderful synergy it has been!  It was time to move out of Dupont, no doubt, but leaving downtown was still a scary prospect!  WPG couldn’t be happier in our new home with our new neighbors–we benefit from shared events (such as their Big Read Project or the Book Arts Fair) and have a lovely space with much more room than just a year ago.

2. Non-toxic Printmaking Processes–we’ve discussed these before at various times.  Solarplate etching (which doesn’t use acid or solvents) and water-based inks such as Akua allow our artists to continue working in the studio healthier and longer!

3. WPG Supporters–we would be nothing without you!  It warms our hearts when we get a thoughtful response to a blog post or email announcement, or when we have a great turn-out at the openings.  Give yourselves a pat on the back–we think you’re great!


3 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. I give thanks today to artists who enrich my life daily. Thank you.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. yes, solarplates are a blessing and i would love to see a visit from the “father'” of solarplate printing, dan welden, in this area. could pyramid atlantic sponsor a two day course of his?

    • It would be great to get Dan Welden here! You’d have to talk to Pyramid about that, though, since they run the workshops.