Untitled, Monoprint by Mara Duvra

If you make the effort to see one student art show this year it should be Impressed at the Brentwood Arts Exchange (and next February it should be Excellence in Printmaking, at WPG!).  Impressed is a show of recent prints by University of Maryland Undergrad students, and making it over there was definitely worth it!

I missed the opening, but went to see the work this week as recent intern Fawna Xiao and current member (and recent graduate of UMD) Shahla Abdi had work in the exhibition.  What a great group of prints!  First, there are over 100 of them, so there is a lot to look at.  Second, there is a broad range of media–lithographs, which seem more and more rare, digital work, mezzotints, lots of mixed media prints–these students really covered everything.  Kudos to Margo Humphrey, Justin Strom, and the rest of the UMD art department for doing a great job!

"Something Outside" mixed media screenprint by Kunj Patel

Two favorites were an untitled piece by Mara Duvra and “Something Outside” by Kunj Patel (Mara’s, above, Kunj’s, left).  Both are technically monoprints, though Kunj’s is also labeled a “mixed media screenprint.”  Mara’s has a lovely sense of space and the subtle lines around the figure add to its sense of movement.  The dynamic between the two figures is interesting, as well, I kept coming back to this print to look at it again.

“Something Outside” is a viscerally evocative print–it brings to mind oil slicks (a very charged imagery at this time) and ink-blot tests.  The print seems to ask, “what do you see?” which can be as simple an answer as cloud-gazing or a more serious examination of the psyche.

Finally, a bonus about student work–the prices!!!  The majority of prints in there were under $100, and like I said, they are some beautiful prints!  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more from these students in our upcoming Excellence in Printmaking Exhibition, and maybe even as future members of WPG!


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  1. Forgot to mention–Impressed is up through January 15.

  2. I was so proud to see both Shahla, Kunj, and my own work at the Gateway Arts Ctr! It’s a terrific show and I’m very proud of my professors to see their students’ works so individually expansive and highly regarded. Shahla, I’m glad I told you about the exhibit!