While we’re gone on Christmas break

The gallery will be closed Christmas day, with Director Annie Turner gone until next week (though there will be Artist members sitting on the 26th and 28th!)  While we’re out, enjoy perusing a few older blog posts to familiarize yourself with our upcoming solo show artists:

1. Carole Nelson’s review of Gouge: The Modern Woodcut  1870 to Now at the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, which mentions our March solo artist, Lila Oliver Asher.

2. Our post about Jenny Freestone, May’s solo artist.

3. “Something Lost” by Max-Karl Winkler, our June solo artist, and another post about his recent show “Heartland” at Isadore gallery.

4. A link to Andis Applewhite’s (our July solo artist) talk at the Museum of Print History in Houston, Texas.

5. September solo artist, Carolyn Pomponio’s post “Artist \ ‘art-ist \ n :  one who professes and practices an art in which conception and execution are governed by imagination and taste.” on becoming an artist.

6. Carole Nelson’s interview with October solo artist Mike Hagan.

7. Our recent “Intern Perspectives” post on Pauline Jakobsberg, November’s solo artist.

8. Martha Oatway’s first “Postcard from the UK,” the WPG member exhibiting (with Tracey Hill) in December.

We wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas, see you next week!


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