Top 11 articles from 2010

In this weekend of top-list count-downs, here’s one more for you to enjoy while WPG is away.  Remember, WPG is open until 5 pm today (December 31) and will re-open Sunday, December 2, 12-5 pm.  The 2nd is the LAST DAY to see Two Artists, Many Journeys.  Now on to the list!  In case you missed any of these when they were first published, here’s a round-up of what other people have been reading the most this year:

"Cow Grazing" drypoint by Lee Newman

10. Intern Perspectives: Lee Newman — The first of two posts on Lee Newman in this list.  WPG intern Fawna Xiao reacts to the art in his recent exhibition, Glimpse.

9. National Small Works 2010 — we’re so glad we are able to share our exhibitions with people outside of the area through this blog, and that you all are looking at them!  This is the first of 3 posts on this list that focused on sharing installation photos.

8. Watch Stumptown Printers Video — insight into a print shop provided by WPG member artist Carole Nelson.

"Three Torsos" by Simon Brett, Wood Engraving from the upcoming January 2011 Invitational

7. Printmaking 101: Wood Engraving vs. Wood Cut — the first of two posts from our “Printmaking 101” series to make this list.  In this post, the difference between these two wood-based techniques are discussed.  Great reading for our upcoming January exhibition on wood engravers!

6. Artist Q&A: Shahla Abdi —  Shahla won the Excellence in Printmaking Award for 2010, and as a new member, was part of our “New Faces, New Prints” exhibition in October.  Six of her prints have sold since August — come in and see them in person after reading the post, you’ll see why!

5. Two Artists, Many Journeys is up! —  A chance to see show photos from this

"Pot-ed Plum" by Carole Nelson, from the exhibition "Two Artists Many Journeys"

month’s exhibition, in case you can’t make it to the gallery in person.

4. Impressed — our review of the UMD student exhibition at the Brentwood Arts Exchange.  This exhibition is up through January 14, so you still have time to see it.  Read a little more to whet your appetite here!

3. Interview with Printmaker Michael Hagan —  This post was mentioned in last week’s pre-Christmas countdown.  In it, WPG member artist Carole Nelson

"Ain't" silkscreen by Mike Hagan

interviews fellow WPG member Artist Michael Hagan about his printmaking.  If you like this post, remember that Michael Hagan has a solo exhibition coming up next year!

2. Lee Newman: Glimpse — what can we say?  People love Lee Newman’s work, and with good reason!  See photos from his November exhibition in this post.

1. Printmaking 101: Monoprint vs. Monotype —  The number one most viewed post published this year!  It discusses the difference between the two related printing techniques, with examples.

Thanks, everyone, for reading!  We’ll be back next year with many more exciting, print-related posts.  Don’t forget to share us with your friends to help spread the appreciation for the printmaking processes we all love.  Happy New Year!


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