“Bewick’s Legacy” Show Images!

56 prints from the UK means the whole back wall of the gallery (plus more!) has been fully utilized.

Happy New Year everyone–we’re so excited to be back with our January Invitational– Bewick’s Legacy: Six Contemporary British Wood Engravers.  The hanging committee has done a beautiful job installing this show!  These works were shipped unframed and unmatted from the UK, and WPG member artists pitched in to prepare them for exhibition.  The protective mylar coating does make some of the prints a little hard to see in these images (the natural warp of the material makes light glare next to impossible to avoid), so come in for yourself to get the full effect!

Close-up of two prints by Peter Lawrence

This exhibition will be up through January 30.   The opening reception is Saturday, January 8, 1-4 pm (this Saturday!)

Also on view in the Gallarette are 10 prints by Rosemary Feit Covey, the American wood engraver who will be performing a demo on the technique on Saturday, January 15, 1-4 pm.  If you

Installation view of 4 works by Rosemary Feit Covey

are interested in wood engravings (0r printmaking in general!)  come and see the tools of the trade and learn more about the process.

For further information on this exhibition, check out our other blog posts on Simon Brett, Harry Brockway, and Neil Bousfield (posts on Peter Lawrence, Hilary Paynter, and Sue Scullard will be posted soon!) as well as Printmaking 101:  Wood Engraving vs. Woodcut. See you at the gallery!

Close-up of prints by Harry Brockway

So many prints they won't all fit in the frame!

Even more prints!

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  1. Looks like a terrific show.