Lila Oliver Asher

"Jazz Piano" by Lila Oliver Asher, linocut, 18x22 in

You may have read our earlier “Intern Perspectives” posts on Lila Oliver Asher, whose solo exhibition Reflections Past and Present opens next week.  Lila has been a Washington, DC area printmaker for over 60 years now, in which time she has managed to accomplish a lot.  Here’s a little fact sheet about Lila for your review before her show:

"Persephone II" by Lila Oliver Asher, linocut, 18.5 in diameter

-In addition to being an artist, Lila is also a published author.  Her book, Men I Have Met in Bed, was written about her experiences as a volunteer in the USO’s Hospital Sketching Program between 1943-46.  As part of this program, artists traveled to military hospitals, spending a week in each one, providing drawings, entertainment, and companionship to the men who were unable to attend the usual USO shows.  Men I Have Met in Bed contains Lila’s sketches, letters, and commentary, and is available at the gallery.

"Eve II" by Lila Oliver Asher, linocut, 25x26 in

-Lila is a printmaking heavy-weight, her work having been praised in publications many times over.  For example, Paul Richard of the Washington Post said that she is “like Matisse, able to suggest the weight and warmth of flesh without recourse to shading, with a single line.”  Harold Horowitz of the WPC Quarterly wrote “What seems most wonderful about [Asher’s] works is the quality of the lines…the linear elements of the designs are very powerful and are able to both define forms and suggest three dimensional properties as well. We take such talent in handling linear elements for granted when we look at prints by master draftsman Picasso.  Lila Oliver Asher also has this rare ability.”  Being compared to Matisse and Picasso-our hats go off to Lila!

"Joie de Vivre" by Lila Oliver Asher, linocut, 23x16

-Lila’s work is included in the permanent collections of: the National Museum of American Art (Washington, DC), University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA), City of Wolfsberg (Germany), Embassies of the US (Tel Aviv, Israel and Mexico City, Mexico), Fisk University (Nashville, TN), American Jewish Congress (New York, NY), National Museum of History (Taipei, Taiwan), and Georgetown University (Washington, DC) to name a few!

-Lila has had solo exhibitions around the world–India, Denmark, Iran, Turkey, Taiwan, and Japan.

Now that you know a little bit more about Lila and have seen some of her prints, we hope you will join us for her show next month!  Don’t forget that the opening reception is Saturday, March 5, 1-4 pm.  If you can’t make that, Lila will also be giving a short artist demonstration on Saturday, March 12, 2-2:30 pm at the gallery.  We hope to see you there!


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