Catching up with Andis Applewhite

WPG member artist Andis Applewhite has a solo exhibition this July.  This exhibition pulls from her “Freedom” series of prints (pictured), which as she describes:

"Freedom 4" by Andis Applewhite, Serigraph, 30x44 in

“The Freedom Series depicts the American Flag in various colors and forms.  In the spirit of Jasper Johns flag paintings, I am building on his work by combining multiple color combinations with writings.  In the tradition of confronting the viewer with known cultural icons presented in a different context, I seek to insight new conversation and bring new awareness on both personal and social levels.  The intention is to engage the viewer on an aesthetic level and also bring to mind the question of what Freedom is.”

It sounds to us like a perfect exhibition to stop by and see over the July 4th weekend!

"Freedom 5" by Andis Applewhite, serigraph, 38.5x50 in

In addition to preparing for this exhibition, Andis is also the current Vice President of PrintMatters, a Houston, TX based organization that promotes traditional and non-traditional printmaking.  In PrintMatters they will host a Philografika-esque event called PrintHouston2011.  This even boasts 2 featured exhibitions as well as related exhibitions at seven additional organizations, a lecture series at the Museum of Printing History, and “Rockin, Rollin Print” a steam-roller and dance-the-print event where impressions will be made by either a steamroller or the footsteps of local dance troupes.  Might we see a large, steamroller print by Andis in the July exhibition?  It’s a possibility!


One response to “Catching up with Andis Applewhite

  1. This looks like such a fantastic show! I am so looking forward to seeing the actual work. I just love Andis’s work with words, so combining color with words is exciting.