Upcoming at WPG

These haven’t made it to our website yet, but will soon.  So you can mark your calendars ahead of time, here’s what’s coming up at WPG in the next few months:

"Different by Design" monotype by Deron DeCesare, on view in the Press Room this coming April

Impressions from the Press Room–this exhibition will happen in the newly renovated Press Room (the Kunst Vault) and has an opening reception that runs concurrently with Pyramid Atlantic’s 30th Anniversary Open House on Saturday, April 9, 1-4 pm.

The opening reception for Jenny Freestone: New Prints is Saturday, May 7, 1-4 pm.  Jenny will also be giving an artist talk/demo on Saturday, May 14, 1-4 pm.  Don’t worry, it’s not 3 hours of talking!  Jenny’s short talk/demo will be followed by an informal Q&A session and time to look at the work.

The opening reception for Cuttings from a Winter Garden is Saturday, June 4, 1-4 pm.  Max-Karl Winkler, the exhibiting artist for June, will be giving a short artist talk/demo followed by a Q&A session from 1-4 pm on Saturday, June 11.

And for all those printmakers out there, we are just under 1 month away from the early-bird online application deadline for National Small Works!  Apply by April 15 and pay only $20 for 4 images.  Between April 16 and May 15 the cost goes to $30/4 images.  CD submissions are $40/4 images no matter when they are sent.  Good luck!


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