From our Spring Newsletter: Field of Vision

We ended last week with a postcard from Martha Oatway in the UK.  Read more about her upcoming December exhibition with UK printmaker Tracey Hill.  The full article can be seen in our Spring Newsletter.

WPG member Martha Oatway and UK printmaker Tracy Hill recently commenced a year-long collaborative printmaking project entitled Field of Vision, born out of a shared passion for walking. The two artists conceived of the collaboration as: “Two printmakers, two different ways of seeing but with one vision – to walk in each other’s respective homeland and respond to those landscapes through print.”

"Moor Walk" by Tracey Hill, monotype, 4x22.5 in, 2010.

Below, Tracy Hill shares a few comments about landscape as subject and inspiration for their work, and their two prints shown here provide a first glimpse of the series. The entire body of work created for Field of Vision will be shown at Washington Printmakers Gallery during December, 2011 and later in the UK. (More information about the artists and comments by Martha Oatway are available in the full article, published in our Spring Newsletter.)

“… In a country that is so densely populated, open space can be hard to find. I am intrigued by those surprising spaces that have been forgotten. Space on the edge of rivers, canals and housing are often pockets of wildness: these areas are not considered on conventional plan maps and yet account for thousands of square miles across Britain.”


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