Intern Perspectives: Impressions from the Press Room

The following is written by Mara Duvra, WPG intern currently studying at University of Maryland.  Read on to get an idea about our current show, Impressions from the Press Room, and check back later this week for exhibition photos!

"Renewal China" by Terry Svat, solarplate etching and hand drawing

With the brightly lit and white walls of the Press Room as a backdrop, the Impressions from the Press Room show has an intimate feel about it. Almost as if these small works have assembled here with purpose, each piece introduces different details leading the viewer in and out and around the works. Within the space the overall tone of the prints is a tranquil one. Each print brings the viewer in for closer inspection, revealing intricate details. The show features various printmaking techniques from linocuts, lithographs, and solar plate etching.

The piece I found most interesting is Renewal China, a solar plate etching by artist Terry Svat. Svat’s piece features two separate compositions joined together with sinewy lines that add weight to the floating buildings but give life to the grounded architectural forms, which are in a state of decay. From afar is seems as if the print could be a drawing, but looking closely the viewer can see the photographic quality, adding to its deep sense of texture and space.

Additionally, Jenny Freestone’s Leaf Fall, a lithograph, is both intriguing and delightful in its ambiguity. There is a sense within the composition of the wind that cajoles the delicate leaves from their branches. Within the composition there is a lovely sense of space which creates an airy movement around the deep area of color. The print is more suggestive of this scene, allowing the viewer to create within it a sense of understanding.

There is an undulating sense of movement and stillness that connects these works and creates an interesting harmony. It is definitely a show to take your time enjoying, and how befitting to do in the newly renovated Press Room.


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