NSW Clarifications

This post is especially for printmakers interested in applying to our National Small Works 2011 Exhibition.  As you may know, we are officially 2 weeks out from the discounted early bird deadline! The final deadline is May 15.  We’ve been getting a few questions, so here are a few answers:

1. Hand-pulled prints are prints that the artist pulled or printed by hand.  This means they were run through a press or a squeegee on a screen or rubbed with a barren–some sort of manual labor was involved.  If the matrix was made with a photographic or digital aid, such as a solarplate of an original drawing or a silkscreen stencil printed off the computer and burned onto the screen, we will accept it.  We will also accept works that have some digital printing, as long as there are strong hand-printed elements as well, for example, a silkscreen over a digital print or a monotype with photographic/digital images used as chine-colle/collage.

We will NOT accept photographs, whether they were created in a dark room or printed digitally.  We also will not accept any form of strictly digital print, even if it is in a limited edition, from an original drawing, or printed with archival inks on archival paper. While there are some very cool digital prints and photographic work out there, that’s not what this exhibition focuses on.  Also, Xerox copies do not count as prints in and of themselves, though you may be able to make the case for xerox transfers.  If you have any questions about whether your print is eligible or not, give us a call!

2.  The early bird deadline fee of $20/4 images is for ONLINE submissions only.  Any submissions sent to the gallery in CD form are $40/4 images no matter when they are received.  The price difference is directly related to billable hours–it takes a gallery associate about 30 minutes to enter a CD submission into our jurying system, while an online entry doesn’t take any time at all.  By applying online you are not only saving yourself money, but also saving the gallery money (yay!) which we can put back into more interesting shows, gallery literature, outreach, and educational programs.

3. General payment issues–it is totally safe to pay for your entry online.  Your credit card number is held just long enough by the processing company to run the sale through, and then is deleted.  We nor they keep any record of it that could get hacked.

You do have to pay for your images before you upload them.  Many people get a little lost looking for the upload button, it comes after you pay for your images.  When you do pay, only hit the “submit” button once as you don’t want you credit card to be over-charged (but don’t worry, if you do get overcharged, we can refund you if need be, we’d just like to avoid the extra work and are sure you would like to avoid the extra hassle!).

4.  Need the prospectus?  See it on our website email us at info (at) washingtonprintmakers (dot) com to get a digital copy. You can also send a SASE to the gallery to get a hard-copy mailed to you.

Good luck everyone!


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