Spring Cleaning: New prints in the Perusal Bins

"Chance of Beauty," 2-plate collagraph, by Janet Yagoda Shagam

Spring is a time to refresh and renew–and we’ve been doing just that at WPG.  Member artists have been busy rotating out prints in our perusal bins, and we also have been receiving prints from our new artists members.  We couldn’t wait to share these, and so apologize for the poor image quality (these are all quick shots taken with a point-and-shoot camera, many through plastic, as you can see from the reflections!).  However, if you like the prints here, you’ll LOVE them in person.  Stop by to see them!

"Say Hello 3 (green)," woodblock, by Carole Nelson"Blue Plum," woodblock print, by Carole Nelson

"Sunset Beach: Tides," lithograph, by Marian Osher

"New Flower" by Marian Osher, monotype, by Marian Osher