Letterpress classes and more!

Side by Side monotype by Ellen Verdon Winkler

We like to mention Pyramid Atlantic’s classes from time to time, as the schedule is constantly being updated and added onto.  Here are some of our top picks for the upcoming months:

Using Photopolymer for Letterpress-Saturday, June 18 10-4 pm-Photopolymer plates are an alternative to set type for letterpress.  Once you know how to make a photopolymer plate, a whole range of letterpress creations opens up, as you are not limited to the type that you or an art studio physically has.  This workshop goes over designing for photopolymer plates, creating the proper files, and Vandercook press basics.

Monotyping-Tuesdays June 14 and 21, 6-9 pm:  This is a great introduction to printmaking–no acids, sharp tools, just the ink and the press!  Check out Ellen Verdon Winkler or Deron DeCesare on our website for some monotype inspiration.

Drypoint, Engraving, Burnishing, Roulette-Wednesdays July 6 and 13, 6-9 pm:  If you like the monotype workshop and want to go more in depth into intaglio printmaking, check out this workshop.  Still no acid involved, but using scribes, scrapers, and burnishers, you will start manipulating to copper plate to make an image.

If any of these classes looked interesting to you, or if you want to see what else Pyramid has to offer (there’s a lot!) you can go to their class list.


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