Kiyomi Baird Update

Kiyomi with her winning print, "Mandala"

Kiyomi Baird’s print won first prize at last year’s National Small Works exhibition, which means she has this year’s accompanying solo exhibition!  We are very excited to welcome Kiyomi to the gallery, and wanted to tell everyone a little bit more about her and her work.

NSW 2010 winning print "Mandala" by Kiyomi Baird.

Kiyomi has lived and studied in Berlin, Tokyo, and the US.  Along with a focus on visual arts, she has also had the chance to work in dance, theater, and design.  She currently resides in New Jersey, but grew up in California as a third generation Japanese-American.  She says that her non-English speaking grandmother was “the household matriarch and a powerful influence on my childhood,” and that after moving to Tokyo she found that “certain aspects of my personality and art as essentially Asian,” saying “I often experience this oscillating cultural duality when I work. Indeed this inner tension may be what drives my efforts to create visual expressions of harmony and balance through the use of multicultural textures and patterns.”

"Alembic" Monotype by Kiyomi Baird

"Magnum Opus" Monotype by Kiyomi Baird

Kiyomi works with abstract, elemental images to explore both cosmological and spiritual landscapes.  The title of her upcoming show, Apercus, means “naturally emergent images that are free of any preconceived intention or analytic construct.”  With this in mind, Kiyomi say her work “flows from creative introspection that evokes images from substrata of the mind that I try to depict
directly….I hope these works might elicit in the viewer some of the feelings that inspired their creation.”

You can see more of Kiyomi’s work at WPG August 3-28.  She will also be giving an artist talk at the gallery on Saturday, August 13, at 1 pm.  If you are interested in applying for this year’s National Small Works, you can see the full prospectus at the link–but hurry–entries close this Sunday, May 15, at midnight.


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