Max-Karl Winkler Update

"Young Woman Binding Her Hair," woodcut by Max-Karl Winkler

Over the past two weeks we have been adding prints to Max-Karl Winkler‘s profile.  He has also provided us with a short statement about his show:

“My chief subjects are the human figure—including portraiture—and landscape. These themes provide visual events that move me, out of all proportion to their surface qualities. These are the kind of experiences that James Joyce called epiphanies; they incorporate essential qualities of the subjects, and I respond to them with woodcuts and watercolors and drawings. Whatever they communicate, or whatever I communicate with them, is done with pictures. Like any art, it’s not to be explained with words.”

To see more of his work right now, you can click on the link above.  Also be sure to stop by next month for his solo exhibition “Cuttings from a Winter Garden,” which runs June 1-26.


One response to “Max-Karl Winkler Update

  1. Muffie Houstoun

    Max’s narrow vertical woodcuts are always wonderful; this one is surpassingly beautiful.