Intern Perspectives: Cuttings from a Winter Garden

"Landscape with Hawk," 8-Color Woodcut by Max-Karl Winkler

Max-Karl Winkler’s
solo exhibition is up!  Read the following review of “Cuttings from a Winter Garden” by Rachel Cohen, our summer intern, and check back tomorrow for installation photos!

Max-Karl Winkler’s prints, watercolours, and drawings show an amazing sense of form, using line to bring out the details in his landscapes and figures. One set of prints, entitled “Landscape With Hawk,” really stood out to me because of this sense of form. Winler has three prints with this title: A carbon drawing, a black & white woodcut, and a landscape with woodcut. It is like seeing the artistic process at work; the initial drawing and idea, the key block with line, and the final print with all of the colours added.
The composition of Landscape with Hawk is tall and thin, giving the viewer an idea of the height of this canyon rock wall. The lines of the rocks are thick and jagged, contrasting the curves of the plants surrounding it. The silhouette of the hawk and the rocks behind it give a great sense of perspective. And there is a good eye for colour blending; the warm tones of the rocks and sky give a nice contrast to the cooler-toned bushes and flowers. The result is an astounding, eye-catching landscape.
Another print that shows Winkler’s sense of line and form is Ellen.  However, instead of a landscape, he chose portraiture. The directions of the lines on her face, as well as the weight of the lines, give the portrait a great sense of form and dimension. As the subject’s face goes into shadow, she almost seems to blend in with the background, giving a dynamic sense of light.
Max-Karl Winkler’s woodcuts are beautifully carved and wonderfully printed. Through his sense of line and space, the viewer can see a very detailed representation of his subject matter. One can see vast landscapes and people through Winkler’s eyes, and the way he sees form and colour in the world.


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  1. A master printmaker. Marvelous work.