Show Pics: Freedom

Andis Applewhite’s new solo exhibition, Freedom, is up at the gallery!  The official opening is Saturday, July 2 (THIS Saturday!) 1-4 pm and the artist talk is Saturday, July 9, 1-4 pm.  If you’re looking for something artsy to do this holiday weekend we suggest this show (we’re open on the 3rd, closed on the 4th)  These prints look great in the photos and even better in person, stop by and check it out!


4 responses to “Show Pics: Freedom

  1. I’ve already had an opportunity to see the prints and found them very evocative and worthy of close looking. For anyone looking for a (thematic!) cultural outing this Independence Day weekend, I strongly recommend spending time with this work. The pieces are exceptionally well-crafted, fascinating musings on notions of flags, freedom, and self-exploration.

  2. The installation uses the space to its fullest. The show is strong and provacative. Great job Andis.

  3. Kerry Schepers

    I like it! Not only does this series touch on my feelings of national pride, but the unusual colors, textures, and shape variations cause my eyes and my mind to wander and to ponder my own interpretation and experiences of freedom. I haven’t looked at our flag with much pondering in many years. It’s nice. Thanks Andis, and thanks DCimPRINT.