Postcards from the UK: Oatway wins student vote!

What did Martha Oatway win?  Read on for her summary, details to come in future postcards!

"Field 6" by Martha Oatway

AA2A stands for Artists Access to Art Colleges and 31 universities around the UK participate in the program with 3 to 4 slots at each university.  Some universities host a sculpture or painting program and the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) where I was happened to have a printmaking program for the AA2A.

At the end of the academic year there is a vote for two positions in the AA2A scheme.  Students can vote for the AA2A person they felt offered the most help and mentorship and there is also a public vote.  I co-won the student vote with a person from the University of Northumbria.  One of my AA2A cohorts at UCLan received the most public votes.  This is the third year in a row that UCLan has received this kind of recognition and it says a lot about the staff in the printmaking program there.


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