Intern Perspectives: Trudi Y. Ludwig

"Grace Notes Suite: Stroke" by Trudi Y. Ludwig

The work of Trudi Y. Ludwig has morphed to reveal different meanings and subjects as years passed. Looking back at her work it shows different points of view of what she wanted to say at the time it was created, the subjects speaking so many different ideas.  Trudi describes  “My artwork has always been a means for me to grapple with contemporary conundrums, both personal and societal. The end results –the prints themselves– invoke time, motion, passages, pathways and perception, invariably with at least a whiff of art historical reference.”

Not only do they portray different ideas but these prints vary in techniques and appearance. For example, her series “Grace Notes Suite” feature strong, clean woodcuts depicting musical instruments, while her series of etchings “Flying Lessons” are soft and delicate silhouettes of birds. Her prints are full of imagery based around the human form, music, icons, and nature.

"Days o' Work, Days 1-7" by Trudi Y. Ludwig

Trudi tackles nature in her woodcuts “Days o’ Work, Days 1 thru 7”, a gorgeous arrangement of tapestry-like prints depicting scenery of the forest edge. Trudi explains this series is about her gratitude for such nature, and is reminiscent of growing up by the lake, considering it a critical experience in feeling what made Iowa her home. It’s an example of how an artist can push their intent, and make  you feel what they feel, as looking at these trees allows you to be enveloped in a desire to drift away, paddling along the shore observing the wildlife.

The above was written by summer intern Ashley Ruel.  With the exception of the “Days o’Work, Days 1-7,”  the rest of Trudi’s artwork mentioned here (and much more!) can be seen in the gallery.

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