New September Exhibitions Announced

We have a change in our Exhibition Line-up!  We are pleased to present two group shows in September:

"Archetype" (Sketch) and "Ruins III" (Print) by Terry Svat

Drawn to Print: This exhibition focuses on the preparatory steps of printmaking, namely, the drawing that happens before a matrix is made and on the subsequent trial proofs.  This includes a wide range of prints and drawings, from loosely-related doodles to the finished drawings used to create a solarplate, to drawn marks incorporated in a print. We invite you to come gain insight into our artists’ process!

"Tap History" by Trudi Y. Ludwig

9/11 Tenth Anniversary-Artists’ Reactions:  In conjunction with the 9/11 Arts Project initiated by the Smith Farm Healing Arts Center, WPG member artists will show a selection of prints that were created in response to this world-changing event.  Some prints were created shortly after the tragedy, others, after a time of reflection, and others more recently, as we near the 10th Anniversary.


2 responses to “New September Exhibitions Announced

  1. I’m putting these on my calendar.

    Just last week I learned about the 9/11 Arts Project. I’m impressed with what Smith Farm is accomplishing with this project and plan to note it in a future All Art Friday post.

  2. Yes, it’s an ambitious project and one that we think will be very moving. We’re looking forward to being a part of it.