Can’t get enough Print Info?

We’d like to recommend some other sites where we go for what’s new in the Printmaking world:

Inkteraction–like facebook for printmakers!  Great for getting more info on your favorite artists.

Printeresting— as they say “all manner of printed matter has a place at Printeresting.”  They have articles on artists, book reviews, exhibitions, breakthroughs in printmaking technology, and much, much more!

The Printmaking Daily–another great source for printmaking info, show reviews, and a conglomeration of all things printmaking on Twitter.

SGC International–You probably have been to or at least heard of their annual conference.  Check out their website for the rest of the year!

One response to “Can’t get enough Print Info?

  1. Thank you for the link list. One I had not heard of was Inkteraction.