Intern Perspectives: National Small Works

We’ll have pictures of National Small Works up tomorrow, but for now, read WPG intern Rachel Cohen’s take on the show!

The National Small Works show features prints from artists all over the country. From relief to monoprint, etching to lithograph; this show is incredibly diverse in both mediums and subjects. Here you can find abstracts, landscapes, portraits, and more.

"Spring" by Patrick Simon of Dallas, OR

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but one print that popped out the second I saw it was Spring, by Patrick Simon. It is a 7-colour linocut of a Japanese-style landscape, complete with paper lanterns and cherry blossoms.

I love relief printing, especially linocuts, as it’s my preferred method of working when I am printing myself.

Simon’s print is stunning. The diverse linework between the lake, mountain, and different types of wood grain really help pull the piece together. But the thing I love most about the print is the use of color. The warm, bright red, yellow, and peach tones contrast perfectly with the cool blue and gray. The colours pop out from across the room; they are muted, yet bright. The colour, combined with the linework, creates a wonderful overall composition.

Despite the diversity of the prints, the show as a collective works wonderfully together. Every print is a different technique, style, and subject. Yet they all as a group complete each other National Small Works has something for people of all tastes.  In this group of prints, everyone is bound to find a favourite.


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