Show Pics: National Small Works

Works by Thompson, Goebel, Milman, Phelps, and Avery.

We’re pleased to present the 14th Annual National Small Works!  Below are both show pics and a list of artists represented:

Julie Abraham-New York
Linda Adato-New York
Allan Akman-Maryland
Betsy Arvidson-New York
David Avery-California
Chris Beneman-Maine
John Bergmeier-Michigan
Annie Bissett-Massachusetts

Works by Avery, Moore, Arvidson, Milionis, Ducasse

Deborah Bryan-Tennessee
Kevin Cummins-Pennsyvania
Leah Curtis-Maryland
James Dormer-Colorado
Tracy Ducasse-Massachusetts
Jessica Dunne-California
Matthew Egan-North Carolina

Works by Bergmeier, Meztger, Curtis, Miller, Karim, Beneman

Jonathan Goebel-South Carolina
Michael Gorrie-Maryland
Laura Grossett-Colorado
Erin Hall-Maryland
Jessika Hamilton-New York
Brian Johnson-Texas
Kent Kapplinger-North Dakota
Selina Karim-Colorado
Melody Knight Leary-Connecticut
Rosemary Lee-Michigan
Evan Lindquist-Arkansas
Erin McMahon-New York

Works by Lee, Johnson, Sisson, Hall, Soper, Mitchell, Leary, Kapplinger, VanVliet

John Metzger-Kansas
Cynthia Milionis-California
Aaron Miller-Arizona
Barbara Milman-California
Paul Mitchell-California
Carol Moore-Maryland
Mark Pagano-New York
Elizabeth Peak-Maryland
Hannah Phelps-New Hampshire

Works by Akman, Simon, Abraham, Adato, Thorington, Peak, Bissett, Hall, Pagano

Iris Posner-Maryland
Nicole Schneider-Alabama
Patrick Simon-Oregon
Ellen Singer-New JErsey
Mark Sisson-Oklahoma
Keely Snook-California
Susan Soper-North Carolina
Fay Stanford-Pennsylvania
Dean Thompson-Colorado
Caroline Thorington-Maryland
Katie VanVliet-Pennsylvania

Works by Singer, Schneider, Dormer

Carmi Weingrod-Washington
Judy Winograd-Georgia

Thank you again to all the artists that submitted work, and congratulations to those accepted!  Juror Robert K. Newman will be at the Reception and Awards Ceremony this Saturday, August 6, 1-4 pm.  We encourage all artists to come, as it’s always interesting to hear what the juror who selected your work (or didn’t) has to say.  And who knows-if you’re in the show, you just might win something!

Works by Weingrod, Dunne, Lindquist, Egan, Hamilton, Pagano

We’ll have pictures of Kiyomi’s show and the member exhibition tomorrow, if you’re looking for those as well.  Or stop by the gallery to see all these great prints yourself!

Works by Snook (2), Lee, Cummins, Grossett, Gorrie, Posner, McMahon, WInograd, Bryan


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