Intern Perspectives: Apercus

Read summer intern Ashley Ruel’s take on Kiyomi Baird’s solo exhibition, and hear Kiyomi’s artist talk next Saturday.  Today is the Opening Reception and Awards Announcements for NSW, 1-4, come and hear who will be next year’s solo artist!

Seeing a reproduction of Baird’s work on a postcard doesn’t do it justice. When you see the prints, so big and bold in their tangibility in front of you, certain features become more distinguishable and more eye-catching. The actual size of them gives you an idea of the scraped textures being made by the hand, and the chosen colors have a presence that play with your emotions. One feature a lot of them have is the metallic shine that breathes through some of the colors, which looks so magical yet natural, you can’t stop looking in awe.

"Poseidon's Breath," far left, discussed below.

Baird captured wild abstract forms and contained them on paper, each one bubbling with movement. With a variety of textures each mark could evoke any action. Depending on how you perceive these shapes, the prints might be splashing, burning, bursting, eroding, gusting or crashing within the frame. According to Baird’s artist statement, all this intensity takes place in the mind, and, as she says, “Titles, therefore, are merely potential post-facto interpretations of images that often elude description but make connections to thought and experiences.” It’s interesting how she describes this, because as soon as you see one of these prints you do make a connection no matter how abstract they are, with or without the title. In my mind it feels normal to seek explanations, so among them I see cliffs, horizons, winds, and planets. In the piece “Poseidon’s Breath” I see a long lost amulet that was just cast in the depths of the ocean. I would really encourage people to come and see what wonders you interpret from these pieces, or simply appreciate them glistening in their intense aesthetic value.



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