Fall Workshops Announced at Pyramid Atlantic

Pyramid Atlantic has announced their fall schedule of workshops, and it looks like there’s some fun ones!  For example, if you’ve always admired letterpressed stationary or books, you can now try it out for yourself in the “Introduction to Vandercook Letterpress” on October 8.  Then, if you take to it, sign up for “Make Your Own Journals – Letterpress and Bookbinding” on October 17 and 24.  You’ll get to print a customizable cover and then learn how to sew together your own journal.

If intaglio prints are more your style, there is “Drypoint, Engraving, Burnishing, and Roulette,” a class that focuses on physical markmaking (instead of the etching that uses nasty chemicals).  This class is November 2 and 9.

Finally, we want to mention a very special workshop with Tracy Hill, the British artist who will be sharing the December two-person show with WPG member Martha Oatway.  Tracy will be teaching “Exploring the Potential of Acrylic Soft Ground Etching: One-Day Master Class” on December 4.  This class encourages participants to experiment with mark-making using acrylic grounds (as opposed to the oil- and wax- based grounds traditionally used).

Pyramid’s workshops run $50 to $250 for non-members (less for members), and you get the added bonus of taking a peek upstairs at whichever current show is up at WPG!  To see all of Pyramid’s workshops and to register, please visit the link above.


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