Welcome Kiyomi Baird!

"Albedo" monotype by Kiyomi Baird

WPG is pleased to welcome Kiyomi Baird as a new artist member.  You may remember Kiyomi from her solo show in August, as the winner of last year’s National Small Works Exhibition.  If you didn’t get a chance to see her beautiful work, you can see some of the pieces that were included in her show on the website.  We have additional pieces exclusively in the gallery, as well.

Kiyomi says of her work “I create abstract spaces and forms that explore the movements of the cosmos and the mysteries of the mind. Both these dimensions…physical and spiritual…are infused with the same universal life force which expresses itself through an infinite variety of elemental shapes.”  We think that Kiyomi’s monotypes inspire a calming, meditative mood, especially her works in blue, and are perfect for anywhere in your home or office that needs a little bit more tranquility.  Stop by the gallery and pick out your favorite!


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