Intern Perspectives: Without Reservations

Gabriella has provided us with another Intern Perspectives on Anne McLaughlin’s Press Room Mini Solo, Without Reservations.  This exhibition is up through Sunday, be sure to stop by and check it out!

"Owl and the Peacock" by Anne McLaughlin

This month Anne McLaughlin displayed her art in and exhibition called “Without Reservations” at the Washington Printmakers Gallery. Her chosen works were put in a separate room dedicated to solely this exhibit, allowing the viewer to fully soak and explore the greatness of her work. Anne McLaughlin’s approach to printmaking is unique; creating a style of her own that is extremely distinct. She incorporates beads and feathers into her prints, something you don’t often see. These elements give the work culture.  There is an apparent exploration McLaughlin tries to achieve. There is a series of her prints that have a circular composition that form her own Mandala for the universe of her art. Her composition and subtle color use often makes the viewer curious of her intent. She her intense mark making is particularly engaging. It is creates contrast and although it seems random, it still triggers a unexpected wholeness among the work. I enjoyed being exposed to printmaking that was taken to a completely different degree.


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