3 WPG artists at the Arts Center in Orange

"Generations II" by Terry Svat

Deron Decesare, Margaret Adams Parker, and Terry Svat are the featured artists in the exhibition “Focus on the Print” at the Art Center in Orange (in Orange, VA), November 3-December 23.  We’re so excited to have some of our artists be a part of this four-gallery event curated and coordinated by Beth Nichols of the Nichols Gallery.  The opening reception for this exhibition is next Thursday, November 3, at 5 pm.

“Focus on the Print” celebrates hands-on printmaking.  While all of the prints WPG displays are hand-pulled prints, these artists were selected for their true commitment to a completely hand-created, sometimes even “low-tech” image.  Deron’s drypoints, for example, are created by a simple scribe, all the marks completely made by hand.  Margaret’s woodcuts, also, are hand-carved.  Finally, every element in Terry’s print collages are hand selected and torn down or cut out by the artist herself, recycling old proofs and prints to make new art.  If you’re in the area–or even if you’re around DC, a 90 minute to two hour drive, depending on where you live–we hope you can stop by to see the show!


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