Welcome Dean Russell Thompson!

"Ranch Way" by Dean Russell Thompson

We’ve already posted a few prints on our website and facebook, but we wanted to give new WPG member Dean Russell Thompson an official welcome in light of his 28 prints now on our website.  Dean was in this August’s National Small Works Show, and we’re so glad to have him as a member!

Dean says in his artist statement:

“We live our lives surrounded by the infrastructure of our society. Still, most of us never see it, or perhaps more properly never really look at it. I am fascinated by the shapes and textures of this unseen landscape of technology. These enormous machines make our lives possible and yet the details of their functions often remain a mystery. Their metal and concrete geometries seemingly epitomize the domination and control of our environment but they exist along side of, and are juxtaposed with, elements of the organic world that can never be totally pushed aside.”

"State Line" by Dean Russell Thompson

We were wowed by his ability to make this ordinary (and even sometimes ugly) infrastructure into something worth viewing.  We especially love his big prints (some of which are pictured to the Left), but even if you only have a little bit of wall space, Dean has small prints you might like, too.  You can check out Dean’s prints and artist profile, now all on our website.  Enjoy!


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