Sneak Peek: December and January Exhibitions

Below is a slideshow of work by Martha Oatway, Tracy Hill, and the New York Society of Etchers.  Martha and Tracy’s show, Field of Vision, opens next week.  This exhibition pushes past the usual print-on-paper-in-frame to include large, free-floating prints by Tracy that hang down into the gallery from the ceiling, prints on plexi by Martha, and a sound installation in the Press Room.  The opening reception is Saturday, December 3, 1-4 pm.  We’re especially delighted to have Tracy joining us all the way from Preston, England!

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The last few images of the above slide show are be several members of the New York Society of Etchers, who are WPG’s January Invitational artists.  NYSE was formed in 1998, in the spirit of a preceding group known as the New York Etchers Club (founded in 1877). Today’s New York Society of Etchers focuses on providing exhibition opportunities to intaglio printmaking specialists in New York City, and is internationally recognized as an artist-run print organization with dozens of major exhibitions. Currently, there are close to 300 New York printmakers associated with the society (ten of which will be exhibiting here).  The opening for this exhibition is Saturday, January 7 1-4 pm.

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