Intern Perspective – Field of Vision

Field of Vision is a unique show combining the discoveries of two a like artists in one another’s respective homelands. Despite the differences in Martha Oatway and Tracy Hill’s prints, wholeness is created among them through the unity of their one vision. Their shared multidimensional experiences shine through the communication of their works.The show consists of prints with abstract expressionist qualities illustrating different locations around Washington and Preston. Martha Oatway’s prints carry a mysterious mood with their muted colors and eye-catching patterns. She uses various techniques, my favorite in particular being her screen prints on Plexiglas. Oatway’s enigmatic aura distinguishes her work from Hill’s. Hill work is more conceptual, abstract, and less formal. She has beautiful combines where she presents translucent layers of print and drawing on acrylic panels. Hill says the layers in her work “connect with the layered histories and physical creation of the landscape but the overlaid images reflect on the fragility of the earth.” The 10 hanging screen print’s Hill made engage the viewer as the lightly sway in the front of the gallery. Their purpose being to invite the viewer to “ consider the narratives of those places through time” I truly think this is successfully done. The viewer is able to capture that ambiance from this series and relate it to the rest of show. I feel as if the entire show is to express the journey and process that rendered the art itself. The way the artist’s incorporate maps and a constant audio track playing in the vault of the sound the artist heard during their walks, really enables the viewer to fully indulge in the exploration and passage of time. I enjoyed the uncommon partner show, it felt like a performance piece to me.


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