Resolution suggestion for Artists

We at WPG strive to be a source of information for artists as well as a fantastic print gallery for art lovers.  So, we’ll risk doling out free advice and suggest a New Year’s resolution for all you artists out there:  Make 2012 the year you take your art to the next level.

We have a few resources to share with you to make that easier. Normally, we don’t recommend sources we haven’t read ourselves, but one of our artist members has given high praise to the book “Starving to Successful” by Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery (which has great artist services in general).  This book will help you learn how to prepare your portfolio and approach galleries.  Another good book which we have read personally is “How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist” by Caroll Michels.  This is another comprehensive resource on pricing your work, presenting your work, and marketing your work.

Done your reading?  Ready to get out there? We’ve recommended it before, and we’ll recommend it again.  NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) is a great go-to for jobs, awards, fellowships, and more.  This website is geared towards artists around the country, not just those in New York.

We also recommend looking at least monthly at the call for entry sites.  Even if you just apply to one show per month, that’s 12 more opportunities to show your work than if you don’t apply.  We list many printmaking and related calls for entry here, so be sure to subscribe.  Beyond that, our top recommendation is the Art Deadlines List.  Yes, you have to pay to get access to all the calls for entry, but it’s a small yearly fee and very, VERY worth it as they are the most comprehensive that we’ve found.

So, in review: do your arts reading, research opportunities in your field, and start applying to shows!  Best of luck in the new year!


One response to “Resolution suggestion for Artists

  1. You are wonderful! Thanks for the great posts and for being such a great resource. Happy new year!